Why the EffortlessHR Affiliate Program?

EffortlessHR's affiliate program generates significant income for anyone, with minimal work.

Earn Real Money

EffortlessHR's Affiliate Program will give you 10% commission for every signup PLUS an ongoing 5% residual for EACH signup!

Easy to Setup

Setting up our affiliate program is easy. Our referal code can easily be added to your website, email signature, or anywhere you can think of. You can be an affiliate online or offline. We will provide you with a link to tell others to go to and you will be credited when they sign up.


  • one-time commission PLUS residual commissions
  • direct link - you don't have to advertise that you are an affiliate
  • ready made banners, links, and printable materials
  • dedicated EffortlessHR staff that wants to help you succeed

How it Works

The EffortlessHR Affiliate Program works as a referral service, where we reward you for spreading the word about EffortlessHR and referring your friends, family, clients, or anyone!

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